Role: Lead consultant, Architecture and Interior Designer

Size: 2,000 sqft 4 bedrooms Town House

The clients wanted to drastically update the aesthetic of their current house. The furniture layout and colour scheme made the spaces feel very small and dark but we could see its great potential. We set about completely reimagining this house, a new colour scheme to enhance the natural light and the introduction of of soft colours to create continuity with the surranding landscape. Our client’s brief was to open up the living room to the patio and to help them reviewing the narrow and long living room shape to create a better circulation and use of the space.

The house had some existing unsympathetic bulkheads and an unproportioned pieces of furniture. We removed these and set about adding cleaner architectural detailing. To enhance the light to the Entrance Hall we replaced the existing timber floor with a light marble floor that also helps making feel the space bigger. To open up the living space to the Patio we opened up the wall introducting a sliding door with very thin frames and to soften the space and create a better flow we rounded all the harsh corners in the loose furniture. Introducing a warm grey stained plank oak timber floor added much-needed warmth, paired with neutral textured wallpapered walls to add depth. Seamless transitions between rooms also helped to increase the sense of space and flow throughout.

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